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   A good laugh with  George Bush (offered by Kate Bell)


+  A "falling Bush" you can manipulate with your mouse!        falling bush

  On your marks !   Good site with a definite Irish flavour!

Englishtown  lessons and tests    http://www.englishtown.fr

Breaking news  Fresh news with lesson plans, constantly updated

The site is well worth a daily visit.

Reference Desk
Everything you need !

The New York Times reference center : this is a very useful address.
 It is the one the NYT has put together for the use of their own  writers and reporters

The Drudge Report
La presse mondiale, les actualités minute par minute ...

The Times
Le site du quotidien britannique The Times , intéressant et bien fait.

The Wordwizard
Pure magic with words.

Need a dictionary ?
Tous les dictionnaires.

Magazine international en anglais simplifié.  Différentes rubriques: aide à l'apprentissage; visite de l'Angleterre; coin étudiants, livres ...

Dave Sperling's Café


- très convivial et constamment renouvelé - vaut le détour!

"Word  Detective"
excellent travail et de l'humour en prime ...

"Word for word"
Terry O'Connor in Australia.

Word games et plus ...

Site d'anglais très complet.

English learner
Des exercices et plus...

Connu - des choses intéressantes à voir

Excellent site which will answer all your questions.

English exercises

L'argot en V.O.

Quia ! English Activities

Amazon -pour commander des livres en anglais en G.B.

Ye Olde English Sayings

Take our word for it

Good English Bad English

PeakEnglish - interactive exercises, games

Collins Cobuild - experts ...

TIME Magazine for kids -  Plenty of interesting articles for the classroom

The Linguist List - Guide to grammar and style with David Lynch

L'Académie de Toulouse  - beaucoup de sites d'anglais

Teaching English in Taiwan  - lots of information and good links.

 Karin's party in San Francisco - great party, with lots of things to do ...

CARTOONS  - The most compelling use of editorial cartoons is to interest
                           students in discussions of current events.

ABOUT COPYRIGHTS:  You may reproduce the cartoons for  classroom use without asking permission, under the "fair use" provision of the copyright law. You must ask permission from each    cartoonist for other uses, such as printing a cartoon on a poster or in the school newspaper. Contact information  accompanies each cartoon.

The number 1 place on the Internet for teachers and learners of English. Free resources that are ready to go ! Lessons based on real news stories from Reuters News.

Origin of Phrases      why do we say .. ?

Alta vista translations ... "approximate" translations which can be hilarious

Puzzlemaker - Discovery Channel School   ...make your own puzzles.

Nursery RhymesCry baby bunting ...

BBC  -learning English
Lots of ideas and up to date news articles to use, - record it for use in the classroom.

Brain Candy

 Riddles, Jokes, Insults, Word Play...


Surfing the net with kids   - plenty of games for all ages
by Barbara J. Feldman

Safety for all - an excellent site with lots of teaching material to download. Everything you
                       need to know about safety on the roads.
http://agreg-ink.net  Ce site est spécialisé dans l'agrégation / CAPES d'anglais et comprend également un forum où tout le monde peut échanger, aussi bien les futurs candidats que nos collègues.
 (Site créé par Christelle André - Académie de Rouen, et Nadine Baratta - Académie de Créteil)


        Envoyez - moi vos trouvailles !

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